7 Recipes You Can Use Wheat For

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7 Recipes You Can Use Wheat For

When it comes to healthy ingredients, wheatis a nutritious goldmine. Its high chlorophyll content makes it an extremely alkaline food. Wheatgrass is also a powerhouse of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals like vitamin C, vitamin A and iron. It is also used for all kinds of healing, from regulating blood sugar and reducing inflammation to purifying the body.

Wheat has a flavor as its name suggests and has the same flavor strength its vibrant color suggests. Unbelievably, though, its flavor drastically diminishes after freeze-drying and ground into a fine powder.

Here are seven ways to sneak the benefits of wheat into regular recipes;

1. Stir into Healthy Drinks

You don’t have to make a visibly green smoothie to reap the beverage’s benefits. Because wheat powder is so concentrated, only a quarter teaspoon is sufficient for a full serving. It’s not even enough to change the color of your mix, but a pink smoothie with green benefits can be pretty fun.

2. Spicy Cocktails

Not all superfood apps have to be at the peak of healthy potential. If you are planning to enjoy a cocktail, why not add some nutritious nutrients to your body at the same time? The flavor of wheat makes it an easy addition to any shaken and blended beverage, especially one with tart or fruity flavors such as martinis, mojitos or margaritas. If you abstain from alcohol, mixing wheatgrass into cocktails or juices only adds to its benefits.

3. Mix it into Your Breakfast Recipes

Whether you’re the yogurt, chia pudding, or smoothie bowl type, incorporating wheatgrass into your morning creations is an ingenious way to start the day clean, green!

4. Raise Party Drops

Everyone loves dipping sauces, which are often the epicenter of delicious snacks. But even if it’s not super healthy, you can mix in guacamole, hummus, salsa, or a little wheatgrass without sacrificing any flavor (and in most cases no visual difference).

5. Sneak Into Sauces

To maximize the benefits you get from wheat, it’s wise not to cook it. However, adding the powder at the very end of cooking is an excellent way to keep the vitamins at their peak. Mixing some wheat in a cooked pasta sauce or simply adding it to a salad dressing will trap the green powder under layers of flavor.

6. Super Soups

Although you may not want to heat the wheatgrass in your soup pot for a long time, you can add a colorful swirl and fresh flavor by mixing it just before serving. You can also mix it up completely and keep it completely out of sight.

7. Add to Chilled Desserts

You can easily incorporate one of the healthiest foods on the planet into your sweet treats! Homemade ice creams, puddings and custards can be quite different and nutritious with the secret addition of wheat.


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