Dried Carrot

Dried Carrot

It is obtained by drying and grinding fresh carrots with special methods. About 88% of the water contained in the dried carrots is evaporated. For this reason, as a result of drying, 1 kg of dried carrots is obtained from approximately 8-10 kg of carrots. Carrot, vitamin, protein ratios of dried carrots are very high. Dried carrot granules in pilafs, stuffing, dough, mortars, you can use  cakes and omelettes.

Benefits of Dried Foods

● In terms of fiber source, dried fruits are richer than fresh fruits.

● Dried fruits are a good source of antioxidants.

● Dried foods are one of our traditional foods, which are very important in nutrition with high energy, vitamin and mineral value.

● They are good for constipation problem.

● They prevent anemia with their high iron content.

● The minerals it contains regulate your blood pressure and are good for many chronic diseases.

● It strengthens the immune system.


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