Dried Orange

Dried Orange

It is a dried form of fresh orange. Oranges contain about 88% water. Drying for this reason As a result, 1 kg of dried oranges remains from 7-10 kg of oranges. During drying the water evaporates and part of the product remains. For this reason, the nutritional values of dried oranges, aroma, especially carbohydrate, vitamin, protein ratios are very high. Inside the dessert, pudding and chocolate, can be used as a snack or as a snack for dieters.

Benefits of Dried Foods

● From the point of view of fiber source, dried fruits are richer in content than fresh.

● Dried fruits are a good source of antioxidants.

● Dried foods are one of our traditional foods that are very important in nutrition with high energy, vitamin and mineral value.

● They are good at constipation.

● Prevents anemia with high iron content.

● The minerals it contains regulate your blood pressure and are good for many chronic disorders.

● Strengthens the forgiveness system.


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