It is Possible to Adapt to Organic Life with Vegetable Powders

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It is Possible to Adapt to Organic Life with Vegetable Powders

It is Possible to Adapt to Organic Life with Vegetable Powders Movement and nutrition are the basis of a healthy life. The way to eat healthy is to consume organic products. Nowadays, we can find almost every fruit and vegetable in every season, but we are not sure how healthy it is. Vegetables grown with hormone support, genetically modified foods threaten health in the long run. Super powders, also known as super foods, are fighting against health-threatening foods. Fruits and vegetables carefully collected in every season; It goes through stages such as collecting, drying, grinding, packaging and takes its place on the shelves with healthy, organic super powders. Dry Green provides both vegetable powders and super foods, and seasonal vegetables or fruits to be consumed in their healthiest form during off-season. Organic super vegetables, which form the basis of a healthy life, improve the quality of life of everyone, from small to large. While doing this, he makes everyone eat vegetables. Spinach, broccoli, celery, leek… All unloved vegetables are included in many recipes with their powder form, allowing you to enjoy their benefits. Recipes become more delicious and healing with Kuru Green’s most popular vegetable powders.

Spinach Powder

It is very practical to consume 100% domestic and additive-free spinach with Kuru Green. Dry Green, which eliminates the hassle of cleaning spinach and allows you to eat spinach in every season, adds flavor to the tables with its healthy vegetable powder series. You can consume spinach powder by mixing it into soups, meals, salads, healthy drinks, cake and pastry recipes.

Roccoli Powder

Broccoli powder, in which fresh broccoli is carefully collected and packaged, impresses with its wonderful aroma. Broccoli powder, which you can include in many flavors from pasta to smoothie recipes, supBports your health while enriching your recipes. You can consume the delicious aroma of broccoli in powder form throughout the year.

Celery Powder

Celery, which does not appeal to everyone, is offered for sale in a form that can be consumed by everyone with the wonderful vegetable powders of Kuru Green. Celery powder, which stands out with its taste and healing, directly supports the organic life movement. Healthy drinks, delicious meals, snacks, diet meals, soups are crowned with celery powder.

Vegetable Mix

Vegetable mix containing dried tomatoes, leeks, peppers, onions, broccoli and carrots offers healing support. It is possible to obtain delicious recipes with the strong combination of popular healthy vegetable powders. The vegetable mix is ​​obtained by the additive-free processes of freshly harvested vegetables in season. The mixture, which makes life easier for everyone who cares about vegetable consumption, creates addiction with its taste.


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