Questions and Answers About Dried Fruits

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Questions and Answers About Dried Fruits

Questions and Answers About Dried Fruits In fact, the health benefits of dried or fresh fruit are great, but according to experts, dried fruits are one click ahead. Let’s first ask, how did these dried fruits enter our lives?

Intense work schedule, lack of time, genetic disorders in food, etc. Then we started to introduce foods that we can easily consume into our lives. Single portion fruits sold in boxes, sandwiches, salads… However, dried fruits have entered our lives quickly because they often increase the feeling of satiety and are more accessible. Dried fruits, which contain less water than fresh fruits, but are rich in carbohydrates, fiber, minerals, antioxidants and carotenoids, are a real energy store. It is recommended to be consumed especially before and after physical activity, as it is good for fatigue. It has become indispensable for our snacks and in terms of health, dried fruits are equally as healthy and extremely important as fresh fruits. Only dried fruits have a longer shelf life, so they are more preferable. It also contains higher polyphenols (antioxidants) than fresh fruits.

Is it okay for everyone to consume them all?

Dried fruits have become very valuable lately. Almost every year, one of them becomes fashionable, like a golden strawberry, for example. Is it okay for everyone to consume them all?

Consuming dried fruits can be very beneficial, but you should take care to consume them in accordance with some aspects in order to get the best benefits.

● Read the labels of the packages you receive

● Choose the ones without added sugar, the only ingredient in it should be the fruit itself.

● Control the portions. Remember that every food has a calorie and when consumed in excess, you will see more harm than benefits.

The benefits to the process are indisputable, at the same time they give you energy due to their sugar content.

What are the differences between dried fruits and fresh fruits?

What are the differences between dried fruits and fresh fruits? Is it right to consume only dried fruit without eating any fresh or vice versa?

Both have the same health benefits. Apart from being sweet, fruits are recommended to be consumed in excess because they are rich in antioxidants and fiber. Although different fruits contain different nutrients and benefits, in general, they all contain different forms of antioxidants and fiber, which help to keep the immune system strong. To get the most out of fruit, whether it’s fresh or dried, consider the few chemicals in the fruit you choose. Dried fruits are ideal for dessert due to their high sugar content. Dried fruits are obtained by reducing the 80-95% water contained in the fresh fruit to 10-20%. After this “drying” process, dried fruits, in which all minerals except vitamin C are preserved, primarily protect the body against free radicals with their high antioxidant potential.

Is there any harm in consuming too much?

Can we eat dried fruits in the amount we want randomly, is there any harm in consuming too much?

Dried fruits are not innocent, calorie-free angels just like regular fruits. Consuming indiscriminately allows you to regain the amount of energy and calories you spend daily. Dried fruits generally contain more fiber than fresh fruits and are easier to transport and store. When the fruit is dried, the water in the fruit is gone, leaving the condensed fleshy part, thus increasing their taste and calories per serving, making it a healthy snack when eaten in moderation. When purchasing dried fruits, you should make them with no added sugar.

Is there a time zone in which we should consume dried fruits in particular?

Is there a time zone in which we should consume dried fruits in particular? In other words, let’s eat prunes in the morning and dried apples in the evening.

You can consume the fruits whenever you want. However, it should not be forgotten that fruits are snack foods, it is a wrong idea to consume dried fruit or only fruit in main meals. When the fruit is eaten alone, the digestive process works very quickly. Eating fruit after a main meal, when combined with other foods during digestion, can cause fermentation in the stomach, which can cause digestive disorders such as indigestion and heartburn. That’s why you shouldn’t eat fruit after a big meal. You should eat fruit at least two hours after the main meal.

Dried fruits are an important snack for dieters. Why is that?

Dried fruits protect the nervous system, energize, perform miracles in blood production and have countless benefits. It is very rich in nutrients and potassium and is good for digestive problems. Dried fruits are often in the role of savior; They become indispensable for snacks with their ease of transport and consumption outside, at school, at work. Not only are they a practical choice, they are also rich in nutritional value. They are distinguished from other fruits especially by their iron content, but they have lost most of their vitamin C content due to drying. Like other iron-containing foods, dried fruits have great blood-forming properties. Dried fruits protect us against free radicals that damage our body and cause cancer. The most valuable nutrients that help us in the fight against cancer. They protect us from diabetes, insulin resistance, constipation, inflammatory diseases, flu, kidney disorders.


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