The Importance of Dried Fruits in Nutrition

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The Importance of Dried Fruits in Nutrition

The Importance of Dried Fruits in Nutrition

The Importance of Dried Fruits in Nutrition In order to contribute to the adequate and balanced nutrition of children, to ensure their healthy growth and development, and to keep their physical and mental performance at the highest level throughout the day, it is important for them to consume healthy foods in snacks as well as main meals.

All of the consumed foods contain more or less calories, sugar and similar sugary sweet, doughy foods with low nutritional value are considered as empty calories, thus causing weight gain and malnutrition. For this reason, consuming dried fruits instead of foods consisting of ready-made sugar and processed refined sugar is one of the requirements of a healthy diet.

Dried fruits, which are obtained as a result of removing the amount of water contained in fresh fruits by various drying methods, constitute one of the most delicious and healthy snack options to balance blood sugar between two main meals, to provide a feeling of satiety, and to satisfy sweet cravings.

Dried fruits are often indispensable for snacks with their ease of transport and consumption outside, at school, at work, and are preferred more than fresh fruits due to their longevity, portability and storage.

Dried fruits, which are healthy snacks for children, are important in meeting the energy that children lose during the day and the nutrients their bodies need to grow.

Dried fruits offered as a snack for tired and energy-losing children provide them with vitamins, minerals, fiber and energy.

Thanks to the fibers in the dried fruits, they are digested more slowly and keep the body full for a longer time, thus protecting the body against obesity and cardiovascular diseases.

Dried fruits with high antioxidant content prevent cell damage against free radicals, show a protective effect against cancer, strengthen the immune system and protect the nervous system.

Dried fruits rich in iron, which are effective in the development of intelligence in children, are a good alternative for those with anemia problems. Especially raisins and dried apricots are dried fruits with high iron content.

Dried fruits are a good source of vitamins and minerals and are rich in B, A and E vitamins, potassium and magnesium.

Many dried fruits such as raisins, dried apricots, prunes, dried figs, dried mulberries are available today, and they all have many benefits individually.

Since fruits lose their volume while drying, the sugar and nutritional values ​​in their content become more concentrated, the amount of calories per gram weight is higher than fresh fruit, therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the amount of portion in the consumption of dried fruit by children.

Children who do sports spend more energy, while children who spend time at home spend less. Considering this situation, appropriate amount of dried fruit should be offered to children. When dried fruits are consumed too much, it causes diabetes and weight gain in children.

For children who do not like dried fruit, these fruits can be softened by soaking in warm water and used to prepare custard, cookies, cakes, and fruit yogurt.

For children who do not like to consume dry fruit plain, chopping dry fruits into small pieces and adding them to yogurt allows the child to consume a healthy snack.

Various snacks for children can be prepared by using dried fruits and nuts together.

A few ingredients such as dried mulberry and dried apricot can be crushed to form a dough, and small desserts prepared by coating them with grated coconut can be offered to children with a glass of milk, not exceeding 2-3 pieces in quantity.

Parents should take care to include dried fruits, which is one of the healthy snacks, in their children’s diets.


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