Vegetable Powder Supplement for Those Who Cannot Eat Vegetables

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Vegetable Powder Supplement for Those Who Cannot Eat Vegetables

We can say that people who do not like to eat vegetables and who do not eat vegetables at all, can not be underestimated. We know that there are those who do not even put vegetables in their mouths, especially in the children’s group. It is obvious that parents feel helpless about this, and adults feel bad about being deprived of the benefits of vegetables. Statistics show that 90% of people do not consume the ideal amount of vegetables. Scientists, on the other hand, emphasize the harms of not eating vegetables. Staying away from vegetables paves the way for heart diseases and weakens the immune system. So, what can people who never eat vegetables do? If you don’t have a big appetite for vegetables, here is a great alternative for you: Vegetable Powders!

Vegetable powders are in the superfood group and are obtained by drying and pulverizing each vegetable. Those who cannot consume vegetables can benefit from the vitamin and mineral support of vegetables by consuming vegetables in powder form in sandwiches, drinks and soups. As you know, vitamins A – B – C in vegetables; iron, zinc, calcium, folate, magnesium, manganese, copper, potassium and many more vitamins and minerals. Consuming vegetables insufficiently or not consuming them at all causes you to stay away from these values. Vegetable powders are a healthy food source that is collected in the season, dried in the sun and ground into powder by natural methods. Super powders, which can be consumed by everyone from children who switch to supplementary food to elderly patients, realize the daily consumption of vegetables.

What’s in Vegetable Powders? How to Consume Vegetable Powders?

The products you can find in the vegetable powder category of Kuru Green are as follows;

– Mixed vegetable powder

– Spinach powder

– Green onion powder

– Green beet powder

–       Garlic powder

– Broccoli powder

– Celery powder

– Leek powder

– Orange peel powder

– Carrot powder

The usage areas of vegetable powders are quite rich. Vegetable powder can be added to many recipes such as soups, pastries, salads, sandwiches, drinks, pot dishes, oven dishes, pastries, and vegetable cakes. In infants and children who transition to supplementary food, it can be put into their meals according to the developmental period. Vegetable powders are specially packaged and can be used for a long time. People who do not eat vegetables have the chance to eat vegetables every day without even feeling the taste of vegetables, and they do not experience vitamin and mineral deficiency.


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